The Mandatory Cliché First Blog Post!

The Mandatory Cliché First Blog Post!

The day is here…The Pearl Petal Floral Design is officially LIVE!

As many of you already know the anticipation of this exciting day has been at the forefront of my mind for months now! With the help of a very talented team I am pleased to show off some of our most recent & new work! We are now not only excited to get out there & enable your visions to become reality but, we are now fully equipped!

This journey has been an incredible one & this next chapter is just the beginning however, before we look to the future I felt it only proper to take a moment & reflect on the journey up to this point!

Growing up in a creative household in the suburbs of Dallas, my obsession began at a very early age when I was caught picking flowers and catching butterflies on the playground.  I spent my days dancing, painting, singing, and continually being inspired by my gardening, drawing, & artistic mother! Through lessons of colors, texture & flowers of all kinds, a young girl grew into a woman with a passion for making all things in life beautiful! In high school I opted to enroll in a floral design class, this is the monumental step that made me never look back! The next few years I studied florals and design, my love & knowledge grew! I received my Floral License from the ‘Texas State Floral Association’ at the age of 16 & still hold it today. My next venture in life was college & making the decision to attend was one I would not trade for the world. I attended a small private college in Nebraska and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business Management & Marketing. Learning the business side of my passion enabled me to realize that the sky is the limit when you have knowledgeable professors, family & friends aiding in your success every step of the way. During college I was honored to be on events team where I gained knowledge & organization for gatherings of all shapes & sizes. At the end of my 3 years in college after obtaining a degree in Business, my next venture was already waiting in the wings. June of 2012 I set sail… (well not really, I flew there) to Florence, Italy! Those few months living in a foreign country were some of the most humbling & fruitful times in my life. I met so many neat people who taught me more than I could ever express in one blog post. However, Martina Trombacco, a native Italian Wedding Designer decided to take me under her wing & not only invest in me personally but my future as well. Upon arriving back in America I had big dreams of life to come! I was honored to obtain jobs at well known & loved floral design business such as Dr. Delphinium, Simply Blessed & GRO Designs. The knowledge & skill set taken from these businesses helped me grow into the designer I am today. As my fire for florals burned it was only natural with the help of amazing family, friends & supports to bring The Pearl Petal to life!

So there it is, a small synopsis of an incredible journey that brought me to this point!  I am beyond thankful for this new and growing opportunity ahead & am thankful for your support! Stay tuned, for The Pearl Petal has been blessed & wants to share those sweet moments of then, now & what is to come with you each step of the way!



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